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Final Report of the WORLDSCREEN project now available!

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Technical hurdles hamper the creation of content in Digital and Electronic Cinema applications, as well as in the conversion of film to other media. High demands on quality lead to a huge amount of source material data and previous data-flow concepts cannot handle this in an adequate manner. These bottlenecks during acquisition, editing, archiving and conversion of digital movies are responsible for large delays between film shoot and presentation to the market.

The goal of the WorldScreen project is to address these problems by using layered scheme compression algorithms while preserving the highest quality possible at the same time.

The main objective of the project is to evaluate viable compression systems in a series of field tests for the applications mentioned above. This process will evaluate the usability of the technology and further technical and economical output specifications will be formulated and reviewed. The viability of the adoption of different compression schemes in relation to the specific demands of the cinema workflow will be evaluated.